"HAPPY LEO" - Disposable Single Use Portable Toilet

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U.S. Patent : 9,364,123

Inventor : Levan Mirzoev

As attorney for the inventor of the innovative new Disposable Single Use Portable Toilet we are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention. Interested parties can reach the attorney at the contact numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

The present invention is a disposable sanitary toilet designed for the health care industry to eliminate the need for cleaning and sterilizing ped pans. Eliminating exposure of the healthcare professional and caregiver to excreted fecal pathogens. Once used the zippered cover is closed and discarded. It can be used as a travelmate while sightseeing, hiking, biking or stored in the vehicle for travel use. If your unsure of the condition of restroom facilities whereever your going - Take it with you. The disposable portable toilet is a toilet packaged within a resealable zip lock container so that the toilet can be placed back into container after use for disposal. The disposable portable toilet has a rigid housing with a zippered cover and several toilet accessories attached to the underside of the seat cover and uses an anti-bacterial agent to neutralize pathogen contamination leaking from the disposable portable toilet after use.

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